Mori Sensei

Michiharu Mori Sensei, 7th Dan, was a direct student of the late Master Gozo Shioda for 10 years at the International Yoshinkan Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, where he also taught.

The youngest Honbu instructor to receive the rank of 7th dan black belt, Mori Sensei has travelled extensively as a guest instructor at Aikido seminars in countries including Canada, India, Malta and Australia. Now settled in Brisbane, he is developing a high quality, world class centre for Yoshinkan Aikido.

Mori Sensei is recognised worldwide by the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation (IYAF) and maintains a direct link with the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan.

Teaching experience includes:

  • Qld and Victoria Police - Australia
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police - Tokyo
  • Metropolitan Riot Police - Tokyo
  • Foreign Instructors course - Tokyo
  • Commando and Special Forces
  • General Public - Adults and Children
  • International Seminars and Clinics

Mori Sensei has also been featured in many magazine and newspaper articles. The Australian martial-arts magazine Blitz featured Sensei in two issues, which they entitled "Aikido's 10 Year Uchi Deshi". You can read Sensei's contribution here.