Goshu-ryu Aiki Jujutsu, The Self Defence Martial Art

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Self Defence & Aiki Jujutsu Intro Course

Starting the first Tuesday every month, free first class trial or $120 for four weeks for two classes a week

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Children's Classes

Children and teens at Brisbane Dojo train hard and enjoy class thoroughly.

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Self-defence and Aiki Jujutsu Introductory Course for July 2024

2 Jul 2024

Free 1st class trial, professionally designed and very well structured Self Defence and Aiki Jujutsu Introductory Course for four weeks is staring on Tuesday the 2nd July. You will learn how to block attacks, how to fall safely, and simple and effective self defence skills.1st lesson is free for you to try and only if you wish to keep learning, then you can sign up for the rest of the course by paying the course fee of just $120. This four week course is regularly reviewed and renewed to be appropriate for beginners to learn self defence skills efficiently. Please see the "Self Defence and Aiki Jujutsu Introductory Course" section for more details. Beginners are very welcome to join and train in our friendly environment.

January grading test result

26 Jan 2024

Congratulations on those who took grading tests this month: Danielle Gravolin - Jun-Nidan, Khairil Forrest - 7th Kyu, Steven Cox - 8th Kyu, Viet Tue Nguyen - 8th Kyu, Tueanh Nguyen - 10th Kyu, Tom Bannah - 3Y11 step, Dean Jones - 3Y10 step, Louis Chatfield - 3Y9step.  Thank you for your continued and hard training at the Dojo! Happy training! OSU!

December grading test result

17 Dec 2023

Osu all! Congratulations on those who graded this month: Duong Thai - Sandan, Cameron Hunter - 3rd Kyu, Sophia Marcus - Jun-3rd Kyu, Melvin Laurie - 6th Kyu, Misaki Matsui - 7th Kyu, Khairil Forrest - 8th Kyu, Janna Malikova - 3Y12 step, Vladimir Roudakov - 3Y12 step, Tom Bannah - 3Y10 step, Danielle Gravolin - 2Y12 step. Thank you so much for training hard and enjoying the training at Goshu-ryu Aiki Jujutsu Dojo! 

November Shinsa Results

22 Nov 2023

Congratulations on those who graded this month and advanced to higher ranks this month: Sophia Marcus - 4th Kyu, Melvin Laurie - 7th Kyu, Misaki Matsui - 9th Kyu, Vladimir Roudakov - 3Y12 step, Janna Malikova - 3Y12 step, Tom Bannah - 3Y8 step, Danielle Gravolin - 2Y11 step. Let's keep up your motivation and hard training! OSU!