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Self Defence & Aikido Introductory Course

Starting the first Tuesday every month, free first class trial or $120 for four weeks for two classes a week

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Children's Classes

Children and teens at Brisbane Dojo train hard and enjoy class thoroughly.

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Aikido and Self-defence Introductory Course for October

5 Oct 2021

Free 1st class trial, professionally designed and very well structured Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course for four weeks is staring on Tuesday 5th October. You will learn how to block attacks, how to fall safely, and simple and effective self defence skills.1st lesson is free for you to try and only if you wish to keep learning, then you can sign up for the rest of the course by paying the course fee of just $120. This four week course is regularly reviewed and renewed to be appropriate for beginners to learn self defence skills efficiently. Please see the "Self Defence and Aikido Introductory Course" section for more details. Beginners are very welcome to join and train in our friendly environment.

September 2021 newsletter is now ready to read

29 Aug 2021

September 2021 newsletter is uploaded! Please enjoy reading Mori Sensei's article, "Jiyu-waza – 'Originality is produced if imitative learning reaches its highest.” Congratulations on all the students both children and adults who demonstrated excellent Aikido skills for our 26th annual demonstration. We were so proud of our children who showed great focus and performed wonderful techniques in harmony. We were very impressed with adults demonstration that showed very advanced level of Aikido. Thank you very much for your excellent work! 

Normal class starts on this Friday 20th of August!

18 Aug 2021

OSU! Thanks to all the Queenslanders and QLD government, the current restrictions are to end on this Friday at 4pm. That means we can start practising techniques as usual from the evening classes on Friday. Adults demonstration is now scheduled on Saturday 28th 1pm.

We can recommence children's class from this Saturday 21st. We hope many children will return this Saturday and then we can have a rehearsal as well as training. If it seems to be ok, we will hold children's demonstration on Saturday 28th. Senior group: 9.30am-10.00am rehearsal, 10.00am-10.30am demonstration and awarding. Junior group: 10.30am-11.00am rehearsal, 11.00am-11.30am demonstration and awarding.

We are looking forward to having our students back on the mats and new students starting from this Friday. We thank you deeply for your kind understanding and continuous support for the dojo. OSU!

The dojo reopens tomorrow on Monday 9th

8 Aug 2021

OSU!Great news for Brisbane people! The dojo will be open from tomorrow as usual, yet we humbly ask you to wear your masks on even during training for two weeks. However, you can remove it when you feel unsafe. We shall accept this challenge as a true marital art training like samurai used to do, training under difficult and severe conditions. Only for two weeks, we shall enjoy the challenge!

As of our annual demonstraion, we are allowed to have up to 50 people in the dojo, according to "1 person per 2m2, up to a maximum of 50" rule. We will postpone children's demonstration to Saturday 21st and devide it in two sessions; senior group 9:30am rehearsal and 10:00am demo, junior group 10:30 rehearsal and 11:00am demo. In this way, we can have parents to watch their children's performance. Adults demonstration is still scheduled on Saturday 21st from 1pm but we shall consult with our students.

Thank you very much for your ongoing kind support and understanding for the dojo.We are looking forward to seeing our students who can come out of lockdown back on the mats from tomorrow. We thank any others who need to be still in quarantine for your patience and devotion to the community. OSU!