Self Defence


The Next Self-defence and Aiki Jujutsu Introductory Course starts: Tuesday the 2nd July from 6pm, 1st Class Free for Trial, Four-weeks every Tuesdays & Thursdays for $120.

Self Defence in this world today is the skills many people would like to learn. Our Goshu-ryu Aiki Jujutsu is one of the best martial arts to gain the skills of self defence, being the style trained by Riot Police and both male and female Police Officers in Tokyo, Japan. Yoshinkan is well-known as the Practical Style of Aikido which means techniques are realistic and effective.

The most important theory of Self-defence is not placing yourself in danger, simply avoiding possible danger area such as crime-filled areas, deserted streets and dark areas especially at night. However, no matter how careful we are, we may encounter a situation where we need to use techniques to protect ourselves. In the Self-defence and Aiki Jujutsu Introductory Course you will learn;

1) Space awareness - learn the safe space and distance that attacks (punches, strikes, kicks) are not reachable.  

2) Skills - gain the confidence to remain yourself calm to judge the situations cool-headed by knowing you have skills to protect yourself.

  • Simple Joint Locks
  • Breakaway skills
  • Evasion movements and steps
  • Basic strikes and attacks

 3) Various Situations - against punch, push, grab by hand or chest, knife 

 4) Break-falls and Kneeling positions - learn how to fall safely to minimise the damage and regain one's footing quickly.

In addition, the benefits of taking this course are:

  • Learn at a friendly, relaxed pace
  • Learn alongside fellow beginners
  • Obtain a taste of Aikido's basic and advanced techniques
  • Enter training at minimal cost
  • Learn from experienced instructors
  • Enjoy a "no pressure" & "no strings attached" level of commitment
  • Increase levels of fitness, co-ordination and confidence

Each course spans four-weeks
Tuesday and Thursday nights 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Course fee - $120 total (8 lessons, 1st class free for a trial)
Please call Shuko Mori on (07) 3256 2524 or 0421 560 546 to book a place in an upcoming course or send an email to for more information.

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Every Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 - 7:00 pm